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Workit Health’s blend of caring, community, and technology improves outcomes while removing barriers, resulting in lasting recovery from opioid and alcohol use disorders.

Health Plans

Offer evidence-based treatment for opioid and alcohol use disorders to your population from the privacy of their homes.

Workit Health partners with national payers and regional Medicaid plans to reduce costs while expanding access.


Workit Health partners with organizations to provide nonjudgmental and effective care.

Our partners include health systems, hospitals and emergency departments, courts, and corrections providers.

See why we're the most trusted virtual care

62% of patients are still in the Workit Health program after three months.

Workit Health 62%

vs. Traditional Rehab Success Rate

Rehab 33%

Better care can’t wait

Workit was founded by two women in recovery who wanted to create a better treatment experience.

Our whole-person, app-based approach includes the components critical to long-term recovery, including medication management and community support.


Co-occurring disorders

Workit members are treated for a co-morbid condition



Workit members test positive for buprenorphine

Change the way addiction is treated

We believe everyone has a right to access effective treatment

Since 2015, partners have trusted Workit Health to engage their hardest to reach populations. Our team empowers patients to define their own recovery, with outstanding results.


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Pioneering telemedicine care for substance use since 2015

The most robust and cost-effective solution for virtual substance use disorder, including:

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