PRESS RELEASE: Workit Health Expands Digital Addiction and Mental Health Care to Oregon

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Workit Expands to Oregon with telehealth addiction treatment

Today, Workit Health, the nation’s leading provider of virtual addiction care, announced the expansion of its program to provide care for opioid and alcohol use disorders, along with co-occurring conditions, to the state of Oregon. Through Workit’s mobile and web apps, people struggling with addiction in Oregon will be able to receive insurance-covered clinical and counseling services.

“Oregon saw a nearly 40% increase in overdose death rates in 2020, one of the largest increases in the nation,” said Robin McIntosh, Workit Health’s Co-CEO. “Last year was the deadliest in America’s history for overdose deaths. Enough is enough. Simple, effective solutions like Workit Health save lives.”

Medication like buprenorphine is the gold standard of care for opioid use disorder, but several counties in Oregon lack a single buprenorphine provider. Workit Health allows anyone in the state who is ready for help to connect with a licensed clinician via video visit, allowing people to quickly access care from the privacy of home. Workit Health also provides medication for alcohol use disorder, as well as many co-occurring disorders like anxiety, depression, Hepatitis C, and HIV prevention (PrEP). The Workit program is harm reduction-based, meaning that individuals define their own recovery.

“The passing of Measure 110 in Oregon last fall was a major win for harm reduction and drug policy,” said Lisa McLaughlin, Workit Health’s Co-CEO. “But successfully moving away from criminalization requires treatment options that are readily available and affordable, like Workit Health.”

Workit Health was founded in 2015 by Robin McIntosh and Lisa McLaughlin, two women in long-term recovery from addiction themselves. Robin and Lisa experienced America’s broken addiction treatment system firsthand, and this spurred them to leave successful Silicon Valley careers to build a better type of recovery experience, Workit Health. Since its founding, the company has expanded its clinical program into six states, has a team of over 150+ recovery experts, and is set to continue its rapid expansion to meet demand for digital care.

About Workit Health:
Workit Health is an addiction healthcare B-corporation offering online, on-demand evidence-based addiction treatment including telehealth medication for opioid use disorder. Workit Health partners with healthcare organizations to deliver an innovative digital health solution that blends the best of human-centered design, technology, and science. Through mobile and web apps, members meet with clinicians and Master’s level coaches and complete self-set recovery goals. Workit Health offers 24/7 recovery that fits into daily life, designed by experts. Learn more at

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