Born to Win: Encouragement for Anyone Who’s Struggling

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Hands raised high in victory. Encouragement for Anyone Who's Struggling

Sometimes life is hard, and you struggle to find the strength to pick your head back up when a curveball comes your way. You should never doubt yourself and should always know that you have the ability to overcome anything.

Things happen the way they happen, and sometimes it leads us down a not-so-favorable road. But there is more to this story than what’s been told—remember you hold the pen. You were born to win! Yes, we get down. Yes, we feel sad. But yet we rise again, and again, and again! 

We rise like the stars in the sky that shine as we plan and execute our comeback! We take it one day at a time and become stronger with every step we take (even if it’s a step back)! We’re stronger with every breath, we are stronger with every tear, and we are even stronger with every unfavorable outcome. When we want to change, we hunger for it, we strive for it, and we go after it. We were born to win! 

We are who we say we are. We stand strong in our goal, even if defeated for a moment, because it’s not defeat for eternity. We are above our fears. I rise, you rise, and we rise together. We were born to win! 

We are that G.O.A.T: the greatest of all times. We fought past mishaps, and we fought against a life not handpicked and chosen, but a life that was given to us. We declare freedom from what the world thought of us, or what we have thought of ourselves. We are somebody. 

We deserve a life free from our pasts and from a life that once conquered us. Free from a life of things that drains our happiness. A life of people and places that used to be in control, but that we no longer allow to row our boat! A life of gatekeepers, surrounded by healers. 

Let’s workit together. Let’s make today the day we turn the tide in our favor. Let us fight for our future, our loved ones, and find the true hero in ourselves. 

Now look up and say it with me: I am Born to Win!

Born to Win: Poetic Encouragement and Inspiration for Anyone Who is Struggling

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